Friday, January 16, 2009

something i've been missing: vitamin D.

Weather: sunny and in the 80s.
Transportation: a beach cruiser. (ding ding).

Job Outlook: um. Lets just say I've put that on the back burner and gave myself a little vaycay!
So. I've been here a week and two days and although high on my priority list is to find a job (so I don't delve into my savings account) ..I kinda sorta just decided to hide my list and have been enjoying life here in sunny LA.
It's really invigorating to leave a cold, desolate, place and to step foot into a warm, energetic, active, environment. There is nothing like it. And that is why, I believe, people travel during their winter breaks to warm tropical locations. Our body yearns for the vitamin D from the sun (well at least that is one of my reasons for laying out in the sun)... and instead driving through snow to hit the gym, I walk out of my apartment and onto the beach to play some volleyball, ride my beach cruiser down the coast to the different beaches, go for amazing sunset runs, or just soak up some sun. I have to say I can't complain right now. I guess eventually I'm going to have to start my search for a job.. and I'll stress the word EVENTUALLY. ah. it's so wrong but feels so right!!! lol.
Okay. Well I'll post some of my pictures I have taken so far on this post.

cute old man fishing off the pier
& a typical seagull:

a boat dock area near the Redondo Beach Pier:

Manhattan Beach Pier:

Manhattan Beach-where Misty May &
Kerry Walsh played and trained

Redondo Beach Pier @ sunset :0)
Carolyn & Bren kept taking cute "couple pics"
and i felt left out, so this is me and my boyfriend: