Friday, January 9, 2009


Here I am. Redondo Beach, California. Who would of thought that little 'ole Katie Haas would be living in LA! Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and see new places, but this move is a first of many things. First and foremost, it is the first time I will be living on my own all the way across the country. I know 4 people that live here. So I am looking forward to getting a job and networking and meeting some new friends!

So my first impressions:

1. I AM GOING TO GET IN SUCH GOOD SHAPE BEING HERE! There are so many things to do outside its great! The road my house is located on is located right on the water. From my living room window I can see the beach. And along the beach is this really awesome trail that runs for 22 miles up and down the coast where people are running, walking, biking..etc. So I am excited to be in a place that doesn't get too cold, and be able to be active outside even though it is winter.

2. The location of Redondo is pretty ideal. Like I said there is the beach right there, but also there is a beautiful, quaint town with nice little cafes, restaurants and shops. Carolyn and I started our day off early and walked along the beach and then went to town and ended up getting lunch @ a cute little crepe place called, Creme De la Crepe. It was absolutely delicious and run by extremely nice French people. Our waitress was this petite girl who had an awesome french accent and she was very friendly. Carolyn got a smoked salmon crepe which I tried and it was absolutely flavorful and delicious, and I got this brie, ham and tomato crepe. We paired our crepes with 2 glasses of refreshing Saugvignon Blanc and enjoyed our afternoon.

3. So far I have been having a great time with the people I know. Timmy, Joel, Alex, and Kyle all stopped here on their way heading north to go surfing, so that was really fantastic to be able to see them for a night. But overall I know I will have an amazing time with Carolyn, Brendan, Pat, and Martin, and I'm looking forward to meeting some more people from the area.

So I guess those are my first impressions. Which seem to all be pretty positive. . . I still have 5 days before I move into my place, and I still have yet to job search. I just edited my resume so I'll keep ya posted on how that turns out. MORE PICTURES TO COME! Yesterday was hazy out (hazy, foggy, smoggy, call it what you want), so I didn't take many pictures. But more to come, for sure!