Friday, December 26, 2008

antsy pants.

Photo Courtesy of Corbis

So I'm becoming a little bit antsy. As much as I want to spend these next couple of weeks with family and Timmy, I really really really really can't wait for a change. I swear that if you stay in one place long enough you can feel the grass start to grow under you. Also, I guess I have a little OCD because I have this compulsion to finish things. And I am planning on applying to STA's World Traveler Internship 2009 and my idea for my video involves getting footage from my expedition across the country to LA. So... I must wait. Impatiently, for January 7th to sssslllloooowwwwlllyyyy arrive. But I guess I'll accept being the tortoise in this case.
Since being out of school (May 2008), I have not traveled anywhere! I guess my plan to work for a year and then travel the fall of 2009 is really biting me in the booty. I mean, don't get me wrong, I really am saving some money and I am working hard to be able to enjoy myself for a couple of months before deciding to start applying for some more debt, I mean apply to grad school.
Yea, about that. Grad School. Doctorate. Settling down. Stability.
I ' M N O T R E A D Y F O R I T !
I love being spontaneous, impulsive, unpremeditated, free, however you want to put it.
That is what your youth is all about.
I DO NOT WANT A COOKIE CUTTER LIFE! No way. def. not for me. I do not understand the rush people put on their lives. Is it money? Because if it is money, there are ways to get around it, people. I paid for my own schooling (no help from the rents) and I'm sure there are more of you out there in the same boat. And I am currently paying off student loans (my grace period flew by), and I still have gotten in some amazing trips. I also plan on going on a very long voyage (whether I get accepted to the STA Internship or not). It is do-able and everyone can do it if they are as passionate about it as I am.
I really was amazed when I came across the World Traveler Internship. I read the guidelines and the requirements and honestly said out loud, "holy crap, was this made for me?" . No joke. I was in complete shock. as a side note: i went to a psychic and was told I was going to have a LUCKY YEAR. So I guess we will see what exactly that means, I'll keep you posted. Anywho. STA has come up with an amazing itinerary from Fiji, to Australia, to India, to Berlin, Scandinavia, Russia, Scotland, and Ireland. Not only is the itinerary amazing but I fulfill the requirements to a T. First and foremost, I am an awesome person. CHECK. Secondly, I absolutely love taking pictures, filming, and writing (when i have time). I could honestly sit and edit pictures and footage and not get tired of it. Some people look at it like it is work, but I look at it like its a hobby and something I really am passionate about. Its a way of being able to share my life with people and let them see the beauty of the world. so CHECK. Ridiculously strong desire to want to travel and share my experiences with others. CHECK (no need to elaborate that one, i think i have enough). CHECK CHECK CHECK to the age, computer skills, verbal skills. and CHECK to the fact that I love being active and outdoorsy. I love biking, hiking, swimming, fishing, kayaking, snowboarding, volcano climbing, attempting surfing, dancing, white water rafting, and anything else you could throw at me. SOOOOOOOOO. I guess I do not need to continue on why this internship would make my year, and my life.
So I will post my video on here once it is finished (which will prob. be mid January). and I will of course apply to STA travel and I'll let you know the outcome. Maybe this is what my psychic meant by my LUCKY YEAR!
that's all for now.
until then.