Monday, December 22, 2008

on the catwalk.

Last night was my Christmas Party for work and we had an Ugly Sweater contest. if there could be one word to describe the night it would be LUNACY! Anyway. I worked a double @ good 'ole Jedediah's and left around 9 to run home, shower and "freshen up". Then, I went to Amano where the party was being held. It was a joint Christmas extravaganza and it was such a good time because all of my amazing co-workers and friends from Amano were there. There was a ton of food, drinks, and laughter all night. Especially when timmy walked in all dressed up in his mom's ugly Christmas sweater (he apparently did not get the memo: bring your sweaters, and we'll put them on later for the show). So he walked in fashionably late. Literally. I guess that is typical Timmy for you. So, after Timmy's inspiration we all decided it was time to start the show. We formed a catwalk starting from the kitchen's swinging doors to the middle of the restaurant and people were lining the walkway with cameras flashing. You could just feel the anticipation. I mean, who doesn't want to see a runway show of ugly christmas sweaters? I know I've been waiting 22 years to witness one and little did I know the first one I would encounter, I would be participating in, lol. So we all get changed and I definetly had some competition.. there were about about 8 of us who participated and we had 4 judges (one being Long Island's celebrity chef, Tom Schaudel, aka my boss).
So we line up in the kitchen, our hearts are pounding and the music starts to play. The first person goes out, pure laughter. I'm number two. I swing the doors open and strut my stuff like you wouldn't believe on the catwalk. Flashing lights are blinding me from every angle. Fans (carolyn) cheering me on in the background. My dream fulfilled. Behind me, one of my competitors, Kristen, my sister, my lifelong rival. I give her a little sass on the catwalk and and the crowd goes wild. Next one out of the gate. Timmy. Competition number two. He already got most of his laughs when he walked in wearing the sweater, but the laughter continued with his amazing walk and attitude. Then Lauren walks down with an ugly sweater, but DEFAULT, it is NOT a Chrismas sweater. She pulled it off, so we'll see. Lastly, the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater, a light up, sound-effect, ugly christmas sweater is worn by Michelle. We do one last walk altogether down the runway and the judges talk among themselves, determining the winner.

time passes. clocks tick. the audience waits impatiently as do the contestants.

The judges stand in a row but the only one who talks is Tom. He says, "it took some contemplating and we definitly put some thought into all of this. First and foremost, honorable mention goes to michelle, simply because of electricity. Second and third place is a tie and it goes to the HAAS SISTERS, for their attitude and sass." (at this point I dont even care and Kris and I hug and jump up and down). Tom, pauses and finishes, "and now for the winner. The prize goes to, TIMMY!" At this point, Timmy pushes his way through Kris and I, waving his hands in front of his face as if he is welling up with tears and he says a little speech. "I just want to thank my mom for letting me wear this sweater and letting me stretch it out even though she has worn it every Christmas since 1986. Secondly, I do not work at Jedediah's or Amano, and for that i would like to thank the employees for throwing an awesome Christmas party and letting me win the ugly sweater contest." at this point Timmy is handed an envelope with a cash reward of 20 dollars. So Timmy basked in his glory all night long and to top it off, it struck midnight and along with a tequila shot, came his birthday. So not a bad birthday present after all.

So today, timmy and I had the honor and delivering the news to his mom about his victory and we went out and bought her 3 new sweaters with the winnings so she had options for some fashionable outfits for the holidays. But of course, tonight, she put on her UGLY sweater just to throw it all in our faces because she loves that sweater.

so that was a very eventful night. good times. thats all folks.