Friday, December 12, 2008

cashing in my chips.

I hope I played my cards right.
In my gut I know I did and i guess thats all that matters, huh? OH, I guess I should mention what my decision was. Well... looks like I'M GOING TO CALI! It worked out. I found a place RIGHT AROUND THE BLOCK FROM BRENDAN'S HOUSE! I was talking back and forth with this woman who i found on Craigslist. She was explaining how she is addicted to traveling and how she is planning on going to peru for 2 months (jan 14-mar 14) and I told her I dont have a winter job lined up and decided to join my friend Carolyn in Cali for a change of scenery and to try to find a job. Hopefully it is easier to find a job there than it would be here. So anyway, the woman was really excited and thought her place was perfect for my situation (and so did I), and we finalized the plans. Well, let me jump back a smidge. First of all, before it was finalized, I showed carolyn the pictures of the place and asked carolyn if it was a good price. So I open the file and the first picture that pops up is a view from the balcony of the apartment and it overlooks the water. Carolyn just freezes and yells, "you have to be kidding me, I know exactly where that is!" . So she calls Brendan and explains where it is and he goes, "SHE COULDNT OF GOTTEN ANY CLOSER!!" lol, so not only did I find the perfect place, but I am so close to carolyn and brendan which is awesome. SO, jumping back ahead, I finalize the plans and voila, I have a place to stay.

next step:
Getting a flight.
Carolyn and I are screaming and jumping and questioning if we are actually sane for going through with this. At that moment, I realized I have a place but I dont have a flight. SO we go online and she looks up her flight number on Virgin America and looks to see if there is still availability. Low and behold, THERE IS. So I tell her to book it ASAP and of course I know my credit card number off hand so i ramble out the numbers and security number with her looking at me like Im some crazy person (i mean common, who doesnt know their credit card number?) ::crickets are chirping:: Ok, so maybe I am a little wierd, but oh well. Anyway, we book it. The price was fantastic, only 140 $$, which is awesome. We get the confirmation e=mail and guess what? MY SEAT IS RIGHT NEXT TO CAROLYN'S and she booked it A MONTH AGO! lol.

i guess thats what you call fate.
So. I'm going to Cali and it is going to be awesome!
3 more weeks of Jedediahs.
making some extra cash.
then cashing in my chips.
thats it for now. adios.