Thursday, December 11, 2008

the dilemna.

Picture Courtesy of MAC
Yesterday, December 10, 2008, I found out that my job is closing for the winter. HEY THANKS JEDS! Merry Christmas to me! (sarcasm, thick sarcasm). So. Now. I have some contemplating to do.
option one:
Stay here on Long Island and find a new job (which will be quite a task seeing that it will be the dead of winter and I would prefer a restaurant job) and continue the way I have been. I would work throughout the summer and fall of '09 and have enough money saved up to travel for a year with Timmy.
option two:
Move with my friend, Carolyn, to LA for a couple of months, find a temperary job, temperary housing, live it up on the west coast, away from the cold. We also talked about going to new Zealand as an option if we get tired of Cali.

So, with that said. I have a lot of thinking to do. The one major difference is that I would have to pay for a flight to Cali, and pay for a place to stay instead of living for free with my dad. I won't be spending as much money if I stay home but on the other hand, when will I have an option to live in California for a couple of months?
I guess I'll keep you posted!