Sunday, December 28, 2008

In memory of Bernadette Dilworth.

Tonight, around 7:30pm, my grandmother passed away.
She was only 72 years old.

I hope she is peaceful where she is now because I know what a rough life she has had. From her father dying when she was a baby, to her mother remarrying and choosing her "new family" over hers. On top of that, her siblings were split up and sent to different foster families. Her, her brother, and one of her sisters were able to stay in Ireland, but her other siblings were all sent to Australia where they currently live. Although she may have had a really hard childhood and upbringing, I had a great life because of her and in return I hope that the grandkids and her children have brought as much happiness to her, as she did to all of us. She will forever be the strongest woman I know. And she will always be my hero.

I love you Bernie. I will think of you everyday of my life and carry you in my heart, always.